Discover what Hispanic Women Photographers is up to within the art scene in Europe.

Who we are

Image by Christian Fregnan

We are an artist-led platform that promotes the work and talent of Hispanic women photographers in Europe.


We are born out of necessity for visibility of under-represented but very pertinent hispanic female artists in the European art scene.

We are passionate about bringing together art and talent in compelling photo shows around relevant global issues.

While doing so we address those projects that take a bold stand for important social, political and economic topics of the present and the past. 

What we believe

Portrait Exhibition


Your artistic vision on relevant issues.


Your work in carefully curated photo shows.


The general public by sparking a much needed conversation.

What we envision

Image by Eric Park

We  facilitate knowledge across both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and share opportunities to enhance the representation of the projects of these practitioners.

We achieve this by organizing captivating exhibitions and conferences that unite a specific global issue, the pieces of work of selected artists and key speakers that can reach the general public in order to raise awareness and spark new conversations through a different perspective.

Where are we based

Image by Martino Pietropoli

We are currently based Switzerland in the vibrant and artistic city of Lausanne. 

We have constant interactions with London, Berlin, Milan and Madrid. 

This region provides the central meeting point of Europe because our strategic location provides connections  between Les Rencontres d'Arles and Art Basel.